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About Dance Class Directory

For years, the Dance Class Directory resided on the Studio of website. Studio of provides website design and marketing tools for dance studios, and although the directory wasn't the main focus of our website, it got a ton of traffic. We finally decided to give the directory its due and a dedicated website, which you are on now.

We are one of the first dance directories on the Internet (since 2003!). Over the years and with the help of the dance community, Dance Class Directory has compiled a huge amount of data on dance studios and performing arts centers (and to a lesser extent gymnastics and cheer centers).

17,744 dance studios and growing
Helping people find dance schools since 2003

(current # of studios, changing dynamically?)

Please note that Dance Class Directory is a directory of dance schools and classes, and is not itself a dance studio. If you are looking for classes, please contact the studios directly.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns about the directory, please don't hesitate to contact us!